Re: Testing 161 (long) (was: Re: yet another test (tm))

Oystein Viggen (
06 Jan 2000 17:31:22 +0100

sasha wrote: 

> You mast not use the same name for different applications
> use :
> *Wharf asload2-Colargol - Swallow "asload2" ssh -f c /usr/X11R6/bin/asload
> -shape -led green&

Can I use this line if the asload started on colargol writes "asload" on
its titlebar? I thought you had to write what is in the titlebar inside
the quotes. I also see no reason to change the second field to
asload2-Colargol, since the first one is named asload-hex, and this field
shows up in the "balloons".

Recompiling the asload on colargol to type "asload-colargol" and changing
the field after Swallow to "asload-colargol" too, does what I want.

> in the second line. Otherwise Wharf will think that you made mistake and will
> swallow only one asload. This is actually a feature, as you can swallow an app
> into the folder. Here is example from my own config:
> *Wharf ascd 	- 		Swallow "ascd" ascd -showtitle &
> *Wharf ascd	-               Folder	
>     *Wharf wmmixer 	- 		Swallow "wmmixer" wmmixer -s -l cyan4 &
> *Wharf ~Folder

Am i right in thinking that this makes wmmixer "slide out" of the wharf
when you click on ascd much like the Applications-menu in the default

Anyway, you will notice that the lines started like this:
*Wharf asload-hex - Swallow "asload" commands
*Wharf asload-Colargol - Swallow "asload" more commands

These lines placed the two asloads nicely underneath each other in
1.7.90. If I understand your folder-trick correctly, I would still be able 
to use:
*Wharf asload-hex - Folder
        *Wharf wmuptime - Swallow "wmuptime" wmuptime &
*Wharf ~Folder
to make wmuptime slide out when I click on my local asload. Am I correct?

If I am correct, the window-title (between Swallow and the command) should 
not need to be unique to do this. Not being able to swallow more than one
window with the same name/"thing in the title bar" should if not
considered a bug at least be considered bad and something someone should
do something about. (What if someone for example wanted to swallow both an 
asload updated every second and one updated every ten seconds - Should
they need to compile two different asloads to attain this?)

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