Compliants about the wmaker package in Debian 2.1

charlie schmidt (
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 18:16:30 -0500

The developers of AfterStep, many AfterStep users, and I feel the 
description of the wmaker package (version 0.20.3-5) included with 
Debian 2.1 distribution is unfair:

"Written by Alfredo Kojima ( almost 
 scratch, it's better looking and faster than AfterStep, and 
 OpenStep more closely."

1. It is not better looking, or faster.  These are relative terms, 
   can look very cool and clean, and be fast at the same time, but 
so can
   Window Maker.  However, Window Maker is limited in its looks, 
and really
   can't look as good as AfterStep can.
2. AfterStep can be configured to resemble OpenStep more closly 
than Window
   Maker does.  It just does not do so by default.

Basically we feel that any reference to AfterStep, and the 
suggestion of
Window Maker's superiority should be removed from the description 
Window Maker.
If this could be fixed before the next release of Debian (which I
understand is coming soon), it would be greatly appreciated.

on behalf of the developers and users of AfterStep:
charlie schmidt
as.t.o project manager	AfterStep FAQ

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