Simulating mouse clicks

Oystein Viggen (
08 Jan 2000 02:20:46 +0100


Partly to save myself from RSI, partly not to have to move my hands so
much, and partly for fun, I would like to simulate mouse-events with the

I can move the pointer slowly and fast with shift, control or both
combined with an arrow-key, but when it comes to simulating clicks, I
don't know what to do.

I have tried adding the following in my feel-file, but to no avail. (It is 
supposed to work in fvwm)
# return, delete, insert + control + shift = mouse 1 2 3
Key Return      A       SC      ClickButton 1
Key Delete      A       SC      ClickButton 2
Key Insert      A       SC      ClickButton 3

This does not work. Anyone have any idea as to what would?

Lbh unir gb hfr ebg13 be pnrfne gb ernq guvf.
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