Re: Compliants about the wmaker package in Debian 2.1

charlie schmidt (
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 14:12:31 -0500 (EST)

i was unaware of the requirment of these psuedo-headers, and thus
got a reply mail complaining *grin*

it was not entered into the database, however i sent it to so many
people that i really didnt feel the need to resubmit 'properly'

also, i was browsing the development packages yesterday, and noticed
that it has been 'fixed' so to speak in the new wmaker package.
therefore, as long as the description the package has in devel doesnt
change i think we're all good with it.

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Gregory T. Norris wrote:

> Did you get a confirmation back from the Debian BTS (bug-tracking
> system) on this?  It would have been created as "unknown package" since
> there were no pseudo-headers, so I thought I'd reassign it to wmaker...
> unfortunately I can't seem to find any indication of it in the BTS at
> the moment.

charlie schmidt
as.t.o project manager	AfterStep FAQ

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