Final call for votes on Reply-To: header

Doug Alcorn (
10 Jan 2000 22:31:18 -0500

I have recieved a handfull of votes on this subject.  Before I close
it out and impose the decision, I wanted to make one more call for
votes.  I will close voting out this Friday Jan 14.  Here is the
original call for votes:

>OK, since there have been two request to munge the Reply-To and three request
>not to munge the Reply-To I will put it to a vote.  First, go read
>  Then send your vote to me in
>a personal mail to  I will summarize the votes back to the list
>and take any necessary action to comply with the popular vote.
>Send me a vote for either:
>1. Leave the Reply-To header unmodified with the original sender's address.
>2. Change the Reply-To header to the mailing list.
>In either case, I will be leaving the "X-Mailing-List: as-users" header.  That
>doesn't hurt anyone and helps several.  I will also use the "X-as-users-dont-
>resend: " header in my efforts to prevent further mail loops.  Further, I have
>changed the message footer to be smaller.  I hope more people are happy than
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