Re: starting multiple copies on many desks

Alexy V. Khrabrov (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 20:05:12 -0500

For some reason, my customized nxterm doesn't
follow its ViewportX and ViewportY.  I made a
shell wrapper called green-term and put the
following into ~/G/L/A/database:

Style	"green-term"	StartsOnDesk 0, ViewportX +240, ViewportY +1000

in order to place it in the lower left quadrant.

When I say green-term from somewhere, it does
start on desk 0, but in the top left quadrant and
with seemingly random geometry.  :-(

Also, when this happens, a pager bug shows: the
quadrant is misplaced overlapping the four.  The
overlap only disappears when you move around in
the pager.

Alexy Khrabrov -- -- Segmentation f%^(& 
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