Bug: polling when all windows are iconized (fwd)

Thu, 3 Feb 2000 11:33:11 -0600

><Bug description>
>The matter is, when I kill all things such as Pager, Wharf (or how it is
>called) and iconize all "regular" windows, after a single pressing of
>Alt+Tab the WM stops responding any mouseclick or keypress.  While this it
>eats 100% of processor. Looks like it polls trying to choose a "next"
>window (which does not exist). I had to jump to another console to kill

></Bug description>

>That was AfterStep-1.7.90-3 from RedHat-6.0

It was probably fixed since those ancient times,
as I'm not able to reproduce this.

Upgrade to at least 1.7.164.


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