aterm and restart
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 08:43:29 -0600

>Ok, I mentioned last month that I had problems losing aterms when
>restarting sessions (either from the startmenu->quit->restart or by
>calling up a new theme).  I have now been able to quantify the behavior.
>aterm 0.3.6, AS 1.7.170

>Upon issuing a restart, any aterm with transparency set that is  on the
>same desktop that I am dies.  The page doesn't seem to matter.  Whether or
>not the aterm is iconized doesn't matter.  If there is a transparent aterm
>on the current desk when I restart, it isn't there when AS
>returns.  However, transparent aterms on _other_ desks are fine and return
>as normal.

>Also, with this last patch (from 169 to 170) I've noticed that the
>transparent scrollbars in the transparent aterms have "trouble" in
>displaying the root background quite frequently.  This was a rare
>occurance for me under 1.7.169.

>If anyone has had similar experiences and worked around them, please let
>me know.

1. What do you use to set up your root background ?
2. What are exact errors that Aterm dumps into console ?

>Thanks for your time,


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