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David Mihm (
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 12:54:30 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Julian M Catchen wrote:

>Actually you do need to edit the base* files.  There is one base file for each
>color depth of your computer, 8 bits per pixel, 16 bpp, 24 and 32.  You only
>need to edit the one that is at the color depth your X server is running at
>(or if you don't know the colordepth, edit them all). 
>However, the base* files determine how many physical pagers are running,
>default is 4, and how large they are displayed.   The Pager config file only
>configures pagers themselves, things such as how many panes an individual pager
>has.  I think default is 4x4.  You can alter this by changing *Pagercolumns.

	Conceptually you are correct, however semantically you are
incorrect; and with regards to the answer to the question of the poster,
you are way off. :)
	Pager is one program, if you run multiple Pager, you run multiple
programs.  One running Pager has Desks (the things with the lables) and
then Views of those desks (if you see the Desk split up by lines).  The
base.<colordepth>bpp file controls an individual Pagers' DeskTopSize and
	DeskTopSize "[ref: man page] Defines the number of view Columns by
	the number of view  Rows  of  the  desk(s) in proportional units,
	i.e. 2x1 would show 2 views of one desk, one beside another."

	DeskTopScale scales the size of the entire Pager.

	From our humorous user, he wishes to only run one
Desk, without the label; saying nothing of liking the number of views that
one desk will have or not.  So editing the base.<colordepth>bpp file would
not enter into the picture here.

	I hope this has cleared up the sometimes confusing Pager

>If a user does not have his own copy of the Afterstep config files in ~G/L/A,
>then he is using the system defaults located (usually) in
>On 09-Feb-00 Frederick Bruckman wrote:
>> On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Iwant Afterstep wrote:
>>>      Four Pagers is three more than I need.  I would like to get rid of the 
>>> ?WWW,? the ?Mail,? and the ?Games? Pagers, and leave only the ?Work? Pager 
>>> -- but I would like to get rid of the label "Work" as well, if possible, 
>>> leaving only the basic Pager itself, without any label.  As far as I 
>>> understand, I am supposed to configure a file called "base.#bpp" in some 
>>> manner.  The problem is that one of my users using AfterStep has six files 
>>> with that name in his home directory, and another user using AfterStep has 
>>> NO files by that name in his directory.
>>>      It seems unlikely that I should have to modify six different files just
>>> to get rid of the extra Pagers, so which one is it?  And for the user 
>>> without a "base.#bpp" file, how do I get rid of the extra Pagers for him?  
>>> All he has in his ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep library is a directory named 
>>> "non-configurable," and there is no file named "base.#bpp" in that directory
>>> either.  I am grateful for all help.   /Ian
>> Actually, the base.##bpp set paths for Icon files, so you don't need
>> to touch those unless you want to use non-standard icons. The Pager
>> config file is called "pager". Tell your users to copy the system
>> /usr/X11R6/share/afterstep/pager to ~/G/L/A/ and edit it--the syntax
>> is self-explanatory, then to kill and restart the Pager from the
>> "Modules" menu.
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