Gnome icons
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 14:16:00 -0500


Not sure if this is a bug but when I start gmc, I have one icon for my
home directory on my destop.  When I click on it to open a file manager,
the icon stays highlighted and there is no way for me to un-highlight,
aside from having a second icon on the desk and highlighting that one.

Which still leaves me with a highlighted icon.  It dosen't affect
anything, just looks bad.

I have no idea what info about my system you need/want. I am running RH
6.0 and AS 1.7.164 Didn't notice this behavior with the default RH AS, but
I'm not sure I used gmc with that version either.

Could it just be one of those pesky gnome bugs?

- Derek

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