bgr_mode for lame X servers

Doug Alcorn (
15 Feb 2000 12:25:06 -0500

What is the status of the bgr_mode problem?  I know that the WRQ
Reflection X server and the Hummingbird X server (both notably PC X
servers) both reverse the color mask.  I have heard rumors that the
Solaris X server also does this.  

This is a highly annoying problem.  I am trying to introduce AfterStep
into a corporate environment where they will only consider PC X
servers (not running Linux natively).  The sex appeal would be _much_
higher if the root window images and p-trans. aterms would look

(Don't let my ranting rattle you too much, the video card that I am
using now is 1024x768x8!  That shows what _they_ think of sex appeal.
It would just be nice to be able to "wow" them better.)
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