Re: Bug when using WarpFore/Back and SloppyFocus?
Tue, 1 Feb 2000 14:14:51 -0600

>>>> When I close or iconify the current window and there's no window
>>>> beneath it, I get the situation that no window is active and the mouse
>>>> pointer is on the root window. In this case WarpFore or WarpBack won't
>>>> work -- I type `M-Tab' or `MS-Tab' and nothing happens.
>>I don't speak about circulating through icons, I speak about
>>circulating in general. It doesn't work, when no window or icon is
>>active, regardless of `CirculateSkipIcons'. Got me?

>    Yes indeed this is a bug, and it should be fixed prior to the
>upcoming 1.8 release.  I have cc'd this to the bug email, so everyone now
>has it at the forefront of items to fix.

Fixed in patch 05

>    Thanks.
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