Re: Transparent ?

Doug Alcorn (
18 Feb 2000 09:23:12 -0500

Frank Kruchio <> writes:

> What actually happens is when My desktop comes up after startx I do
> a Desktop/look/transparent with the mouse and this changes the wharf
> to the way I like it.  after this I do desktop update all, but next
> time I run AfterStep the wharf is still with the old look.

You didn't say what version of AfterStep you are running.  However,
the problem may be that in your wharf configuration file it has a
defined *WharfPixmap.  I'm not sure, but I think this overrides the
theme's *WharfPixmap.  The wharf configuration file is in one of two
places: the system wide afterstep directory or your personal afterstep
directory.  If you took the system defaults when you compiled, it
would be in /usr/local/share/afterstep/ and in
~/GNUstep/Libraries/Afterstep (respectively).  If you installed
AfterStep from a binary package, the system dir is probably
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