error message from Animate module (1.7.169)

Gregory T. Norris (
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:36:29 -0600

I'm having trouble tracking down the cause of an error message under
recent (development) versions of AfterStep, so I was hoping someone
could point me in the right direction.  The message text is as follows:

     AfterStep:function specification requires "name" in [Nop].

After experimenting a bit with loading and unloading modules, I
determined that it occurs whenever the Animate module is started.  I
don't have a personal ~/G/L/A/animate file so, it's using the defaults
from /usr/local/share/afterstep/animate, which are:

     *AnimateColor white
     *AnimateDelay 1
     *AnimateIterations 25
     *AnimateTwist 1
     *AnimateWidth 3
     *AnimateResize Turn

As near as I can tell the above should all be OK, and there shouldn't
be any other configfile which that particular module would use.  Any
idea what I should look at?  Or is this something I should submit to

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