Possible bug in keyboard mapping?

Doug Alcorn (doug@lathi.net)
21 Feb 2000 10:14:41 -0500

I was having problems with the keyboard mapping, the C-Left and
C-Right was by default set to change pages.  Well, I wanted it to be
forward-word in emacs.  So, I edited the feel file and changed feels
from the start menu.  My new keybinding for changing pages (CM-Left
and CM-Right) worked fine.  Unfortunately, the old keybinding (C-Left,
C-Right) was not released until I restarted AfterStep.  In fact, I
went through several experiments binding keys in the AS feel file.
None of them were released until AS was restarted.  This seems like a
bug to me.  It seems like when you change feel files, AS should go
through and release all of its key bindings then go through and bind
the ones that are specified in the feel file.
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