Re: Pager in the Afterstrp bar

Christian B. Wiik (
28 Feb 2000 00:30:44 +0100

[Chris Parman <>]
| Hello Everyone,
|     I was wondering how to stop the Pager from starting and I have
| managed to place the Pager into the Afterstep Bar, however, it seems a
| tad to large with respect to (for example the 'asclock'). The Pager
| seems to overlap a bit to the right (I have the Afterstep Bar in the
| default position with respect to the screen, in the lower right hand
| side). I was just wondering what is the proper method to incorporate
| the Pager into the Afterstep Bar ? Thank you for your help in advance.

To not start Pager, comment out the two Pager lines in

To change its size, edit the "DeskTopScale" in your

Proper method you'll find under "Examples" in "man Pager".

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