Re: Starting apps in specific desktops

Doug Alcorn (
28 Feb 2000 09:47:17 -0500

Kuan Ju Liu <kjliu@math.Stanford.EDU> writes:

> I have edited my database file to start Netscape, for example, in my WWW
> desktop no matter what. However, how can I get, say, aterm to start in a
> specific desktop just by running it off the command line? I don't want
> *every* aterm to start in that desktop (which is what database is for),
> just one or two that I can have .xsession load upon startup.

The database works off the window title(ish).  The thing to do is in
your .xsession start your aterms with unique titles (like "starts on
desk 1" or "starts on desk 2").  Then in the database file, you can do
the same thing you did with Netscape.

> 	Incidentally, is there a way to quit Afterstep and X without
> resorting to exiting a console?

I think the FAQ covers the "best" ways to run AS.  The .xsession (or
something similar) is started like a login shell on the console.  It
executes everything in it and then waits to die.  The last line of
your .xsession should be to "exec" something.  When this "exec"ed
process dies, so does you X session.  So, make the last thing in the
.xsession to be "exec afterstep" (no ampersand, '&').  Then when you
exit AS, it will also exit your X session.
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