Bug: polling when all windows are iconized (fwd)

Maxim A. Kirillov (M.Kirillov@catalysis.nsk.su)
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 17:46:58 +0600 (NSK)


I've never work with other GUI's before Windows, so I prefer WM's with
Windows-like interface. But, sometimes my 14' monitor forces me to use
Virtual Desktop feature for some programs (for instance xfig).
Toolbar-based WM's is very uncomfortable in such cases, so I turn to WM's
which can store window icons on desktop. I choose AfterStep as a
configurable and nice WM. I spent an evening making it work as a true

While this, I've detected one thing which is looked as a bug. I hardly
believe that such popular WM can contain this unfixed, but it seems to be

<Bug description> 

The matter is, when I kill all things such as Pager, Wharf (or how it is
called) and iconize all "regular" windows, after a single pressing of
Alt+Tab the WM stops responding any mouseclick or keypress.  While this it
eats 100% of processor. Looks like it polls trying to choose a "next" 
window (which does not exist). I had to jump to another console to kill

</Bug description>

That was AfterStep-1.7.90-3 from RedHat-6.0

I think I could fix it myself but since I usually work with IceWM it is
not really my favorite interest, and I would prefer some another way to
solve the problem (for example to keep some dummy window). Anyway someone
who is familiar with it's code would do it in 10 minutes, while I will
spend another evening.

Thanks for your attention.

P.S. Does anybody knows, now to go to iconized windows with Alt+Tab?

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