Re: Pager in the Afterstrp bar

Oystein Viggen (
29 Feb 2000 00:01:57 +0100

Charlie Schmidt wrote: 

> -
> first things first.
> AfterStep Bar == Wharf.
> to Swallow the Pager in Wharf, use a line like
> *Wharf Pagers Monitor.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
>  *Wharf Pager - MaxSwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 3
> *Wharf ~Folders
> this will put Pager in a nested Folder, that can be scrolled out.
> you could, alternativly change the *PagerGeometry (in the pager file)
> so that it would Swallow normally, or use only 1 desk (Pager 0 0)

I like doing the following:

*Wharf Pager - SwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 0

This way I have a pager I can look at without having to touch the
mouse. Notice that the absence of "Max" in front of SwallowModule makes
the pager automatically resize _downwards_ to fit the wharf perfectly.

Well, that's how _I_ like it anyway... :)
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