Re: hyperlinks in aterm?
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:22:03 -0600

>On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Armando L. Caro Jr. wrote:
>-> Is there any work to get hyperlinks working in aterm? For example, the
>-> powershell ( lets you clink on
>-> URL's in a terminal and it fires up a browser.
>    Gawd, lets hope not!

Relax, It is not possible anyways. What is displayed in aterm and how it should
be treated
is sole responcibility of the app that is running inside. aterm , as well as any
other term, has
no idea whatsoever about semantics of the displayed text, outside of the ESC

It is similar to idea of tracking in what dir we are at the moment and
displaying it on the title -
only bash knows it - aterm has no means of knowing it.


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