asmix problem
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 11:53:34 +0200

Hello, I got a problem with the asmix app. It doesn't seem to be able to
controll my sound.
I am running AS 1.7.172, on RH 6.1 (Kernel 2.2.12-42) on my Sun Ultra 5 (it
says "on a sparc64 on my login")

The asmixer(not asmix) works, but I only need to control one sound
chanel(not 3 as in asmixer) and Iike the asmix better.

Can anyone help me???

BTW. Can anyone tell me what is the differences of eterm and asterm, and
give me some good reasons to use asterm??
Pål Asmund Røste
EDB Teamco AS
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