Solaris 7 and AfterStep
Sun, 14 May 2000 14:13:06 +0100

Good morning,
    I am currently trying to setup AfterStep on an Ultra 60
running Solaris 7.  The installation of Solaris is the entire
distribution with OEM.  I have installed libXpm, libpng, and
the jpeg libraries, all in /usr/local/lib.  Unfortunately, I am
still having some problems.

    The first problem, is in compiling.  When I run the
configure script the libpng library is not found.  Now, I
have set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and have double
checked to make sure that the library is actually in
/usr/local/lib.  Also, the script does find libXpm and the
jpeg libraries which are in the same place.  Does anyone
have any ideas why the script might not be finding the
library?  While this does not stop me from compiling,
I would like to get the entire functionality of the software.

    The second problem is more of a show stopper.  After
I get AfterStep to compile, without png support, I go
ahead and enter "afterstep" into my .xinitrc.  Then, I
try to start X.  AfterStep does come up, but the entire
middle of the screen show as a light blue console screen.
Now, I am not talking about a Xconsole, I am talking
about a command line terminal console as if you had no
windowin system.  In other words, the Sun is pumping
console info to the middle of the screen over top of
AfterStep.  Any thoughts on this one??

    Finally, I am wondering if anyone has a guide to
setting up AfterStep utilizing the dt configs.  I would like
to give AfterStep as a choice of windowing environments
when a user logs into the Sun utilizing the dtlogin menus.
I have looked over the FAQ info on Solaris, and have
tried what it suggests to no avail.

    I realize that this is a lot.  I want to say that I appreciate
any help anyone can offer on this.  I don't normally work
with the X environment, as Sun servers don't normally
need anything other than a console.  So, thanks in advance
for any help, and thanks for the great software.

    Will Sanders

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