Re: mailing list questions
Sun, 14 May 2000 13:49:25 -0400

hell, filtering can be done from the To: header field
not sure why one would want to work around such an odd header,
specially if ones mail client is set to remove it :)

about this reply to thing, i still dont understand why..... its so annoying
to hit reply-to-all, then delete the senders addy just to get it replying
to the list.  what _benifits_ do we gain by replying to the sender?
it was sent to the list, it should be replyed to the list.

but, i believe this was settled, so to hell with it, just my opinions once

>         o  Only post with the address you subscribed with
>         o  Addresses are not visible, even to list members
>         o  Reply-To field remains set to the original sender
>         o  Filtering can be done on the X-Mainling-List header line

charlie schmidt
"You are not your f***ing kahkis" - Tyler Durden

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