Re: mailing list questions

James (
Sun, 14 May 2000 20:31:17 +0100 (BST)

On Sun, 14 May 2000, David Mihm wrote:

# 	Why, because 3 people caved into the 'scare tactic' citing some
# web page that said having the Reply-To: mundged to go to the list was a
# BadThing.  Yes, that's right 3 people, and those three people probably

I can think of reasons why it's good, and reasons why it's bad... Having
the reply-to kept as the original sender means you have the original address
handy, but having the reply-to set to the list address means you can just
press 'reply' and off it goes.

# how lists/mail works.  It's completely absurd, and as possibly some might
# have noticed, I have completely stopped helping people on this list in
# protest ... not that this seems to have had _any_ impact.  I will say

That only works if we know you're not answering on purpose for that reason :-)

Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.

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