Re:Intellimouse Explorer button mapping and so on...
Thu, 4 May 2000 08:46:32 -0500

>I have an intellimouse explorer.  With XF86 4.0, it seems to be working very
>nicely.  All 7 buttons (the roller up and roller down read as buttons 6 and 7)
>work nicely.

That's interesting  - X was always constrained to 5 buttons before.

>My question is this:
>How do I map buttons 6 and 7 to actually scroll (arrow key or page down) within
>an application window?
>I assume this is done in the feels file, 'cause that's where I mapped the rest
>of the buttons to menus and special menues that I created:
>from feels.Outland:
>        Mouse 6     W     N    <this is the part I assume I need here>
>        Mouse 7     W     N    <this part too>

This is the correct way - yes.
But I don't think it will work. AFAIK afterstep does not handle more then 5
Development version currently in works has some better ways of handling it and
work with up to 10 buttons, but that will be some time before it is released to
general users.

>Is there perhaps a better method to this?
>D. Travis "Coplan" North


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