Voting on Reply-To (Was: mailing list questions)

Doug Alcorn (
14 May 2000 04:20:36 -0400 writes:

> about this reply to thing, i still dont understand why..... its so annoying
> to hit reply-to-all, then delete the senders addy just to get it replying
> to the list.  what _benifits_ do we gain by replying to the sender?
> it was sent to the list, it should be replyed to the list.

Some (most?) email clients do not provide any mechanism for replying
to the sender if the reply-to field has been munged.  I guess that's
what it all comes down to.  If the reply-to is set to the list, then
there is no way to actually send a message to the actual sender.

There is also a possibility of mail-looping.  If someone on the list
has a vacation message set, it could trigger an infinite loop and kill
my mail server.  That's what happened over Christmas when the list got
hammered.  However, I have since learned how to trap for that.
Mail-looping isn't really an issue any more.

Seeing the volumn of subscribe and unsubscribe messages, it is true
that the list has had some turn-over.  It is possible that the list
constituents would have a different preference now than before.  The
last vote _was_ close.  

*** Important Part ***

So, I will hold another vote and make changes accordingly.  Send me
email to  Make the subject either 'set reply to list'
or 'set reply to sender'.  The last vote did not produce many votes.
I think the total was less than %30 of the subscribers.

*** Important Part ***
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