Re: Voting on Reply-To (Was: mailing list questions)
Sun, 14 May 2000 17:00:42 -0400


what do you mean "munged" ?

why would we want to send an individual message to the sender if he
sent it to the list?

> > about this reply to thing, i still dont understand why..... its so annoying
> > to hit reply-to-all, then delete the senders addy just to get it replying
> > to the list.  what _benifits_ do we gain by replying to the sender?
> > it was sent to the list, it should be replyed to the list.
> Some (most?) email clients do not provide any mechanism for replying
> to the sender if the reply-to field has been munged.  I guess that's
> what it all comes down to.  If the reply-to is set to the list, then
> there is no way to actually send a message to the actual sender.
> There is also a possibility of mail-looping.  If someone on the list
> has a vacation message set, it could trigger an infinite loop and kill
> my mail server.  That's what happened over Christmas when the list got
> hammered.  However, I have since learned how to trap for that.
> Mail-looping isn't really an issue any more.
> Seeing the volumn of subscribe and unsubscribe messages, it is true
> that the list has had some turn-over.  It is possible that the list
> constituents would have a different preference now than before.  The
> last vote _was_ close.  
> *** Important Part ***
> So, I will hold another vote and make changes accordingly.  Send me
> email to  Make the subject either 'set reply to list'
> or 'set reply to sender'.  The last vote did not produce many votes.
> I think the total was less than %30 of the subscribers.
> *** Important Part ***
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