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David Mihm (
Sun, 14 May 2000 18:55:00 -0500 (CDT)

	I, being the DNS admin, ftp and web master of, along
with Ethan and Sasha, the two primary developers, have always stated to
have the Reply-To: set back to the list.  This is as it was when time
began, and when Doug asked if he could take the list over.  But somehow
these requests were lost, one would assume as just being an oversight.
However I have had to 'vote' umpteen times to have things set up as they
were originally outlined, this is really unacceptable to me and is the
origin of my harshness at present.  I certainly only speak for myself on
this issue, but know that all of us hold this same position on the
Reply-To:.  There is really no good reason for not changing it.  Having a
loop is solved if majordomo is set up correctly; having people who are not
subscribed hear a response - you have to be subscribed to post (unless yet
another thing was not set up the way as per requested); wanting to respond
in private to an idiotic post or troll - well shit, so sad, perpetuating
this type of idiocy is just wrong, and having the list facilitate it's
ease is a BadThing(tm).  The whole concept of the list is to have a method
for all on it to communicate in the open to learn from each other.  There
has also been an argument made that the mail would go to a different
address than the one listed in the original Reply-To, this is also false;
as I know for a fact that this did not occur with the original list.
Majordomo (can) uses the original mails Reply-To: to change the from line,
or any other X- line in the outgoing mail.  I belong to several lists, and
anyone looking at my headers will see that I have different outgoing than
reply-to, and I always get my mail from these lists that do things
'right', even when people reply to me in person! :)

If anyone has anymore reason why the Reply-To: should not be set, I would
be more than happy to disprove them.

p.s. I won't even get into the disturbing fact that mails sent to the list
take over an hour to get redistributed!

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