Re: OFFTOPIC Re: mailing list questions
Mon, 15 May 2000 23:36:27 -0400 (EDT)

I tend to agree with David and Sasha, but perhaps not entirely for the
same reasons. I also appreciate the ML 101 from Mikko. Personally, I
haven't posted in over a year, but do read the list religiously. If I could
help out I would, but I'm still on 1.7.49, only run a small sub-set of
AS's many great features, and as such, am unable to address virtually all
the questions that come up. (yes, I'll be upgrading very soon, and maybe
only so I can engage the list; I'm entirely satisfied with 1.7.49 however).

One thing that is certain, the activity on the list has decreased to a
trickle: consider the following stats:

posts                1999             2000

Feb                    324                90
March                397                60
April                   465                45

Certainly, a very significant factor is the widespread newbie adoption of
either Gnome or KDE and their default WM's. It might be a stretch to also
associate the ML reply-to change with the decreased "signal", but maybe
there is a newbie unfriendliness to the present setup. And as David noted,
some questions actually pass without any reply. I don't know what's
happening with Ethan and others, but if "old-time" regular helpers such as
Sasha and David (and others?) feel strongly about reverting back to the
initial setup, then hell, switch back. 

Re some of Mikko's points:
Two years ago when this list was even busier than the above stats reflect,
(I seem to remember close to double the '99 posts) the signal-to-noise may
not have been as good as it is now, but there *was* a hell of a lot of
signal. The closest thing I remember to a flame war had to do with RPM's,
and when someone posted off-topic, they were politely reminded of that
fact. At its busiest, this list never resembled slashdot; even the OT
stuff was valuable. As far as getting a reply on the list as well
as e-mail, I would definitely *not* want that, although others may feel
differently. It seems to me that being able to e-mail people directly
is a non-issue since most people willing to accept direct e-mail have their
address in their sig. Each list seems to have a sort of personality, its
members having different preferences. I think the points Mikko raises are
perfectly valid. It's certain that the Mutt ML is quite different than the
AS ML. Perhaps my arguments suck, and I'm just lamenting the massive
decrease in traffic here over the last two years; as a spectator, I'm
certainly on much thinner ice than Mikko. 

Finally, I'll be even more off-topic, and express my thanks to the
developers and other individuals who support the best damned window
manager out there.



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