Re: Intellimouse Explorer button mapping and so on...

Frank R. Larsen (
Thu, 04 May 2000 18:09:31 +0200

> That's interesting  - X was always constrained to 5 buttons before.

XF86 4.0 apparently has lifted that limitation. I have 6 buttons working 
nicely on my Logitech mouse. :) Although I remember that with XF86 3.3.x 
I could only get 5 to work.

> But I don't think it will work. AFAIK afterstep does not handle more then 5
> buttons.

Hmm... I've never taken a look at the innards of Afterstep, just fiddling 
a lot with configuration, but this works nicely for me:

Mouse 6         R       A       PopUp "Window"

> Development version currently in works has some better ways of handling it and
> should
> work with up to 10 buttons, but that will be some time before it is released to
> general users.

Do you have any nice droplets of what else might be seen in the next edition? I'm getting quite curious, and the CVS server didn't work when I tried it. :(


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