Re: OFFTOPIC: Temporary outage & Status

Doug Alcorn (
17 May 2000 22:28:43 -0400

Doug Alcorn <> writes:

> Also, preliminary voting results:
>         reply to list   5
>         reply to sender 7
> While this is a close vote I would like to point out it represents
> just under 4% of the total list membership.  I imaging that the
> "Reply-to" issue is unimportant to many of you.  For those of you that
> do have a preference, you should express it in terms of your vote.

I'm sorry I didn't make this more clear.  Please mail your votes
directly to my personal account (, not to the
mailing list.  Also, please use a subject of either 'reply to list' or
'reply to sender'.

A second note, my upgrade to sendmail 8.10.0 is proving to be more
painfull than I expected.  Temporarily I was masquerading all mail
messages with my own domain.  This had the effect of causing messages
to this list to have the domain instead of
I'm sorry about this.  I have fixed it.
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