Re: Quick AfterStep Question

Doug Alcorn (
26 May 2000 14:32:50 -0400

I'm forwarding your question to the afterstep users mailing list.
Many development questions get fielded their as well.  The main
project developer is Ethan and his "right-hand-man" is Sasha.  Good

Larry Riedel <> writes:

> Doug, I have a quick AfterStep Question.  I want to
> make a "module" or whatever is called a program which
> communicates with the window manager via a socket or
> a named pipe or however it works with AfterStep.
> For some reason I am having trouble finding a
> document which describes the protocol, the commands
> and the mechanism for establishing a connection to the
> window manager.  For FVWM there is a module developer
> information page at <>,
> and something like that for AfterStep would be great.

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