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Mon, 29 May 2000 13:32:24 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 29 May 2000 wrote:

> Actually it appears that the polling mechanism is quite good. If you try
> to vote more than once it simply ignores all but the first vote. I believe
> that the mechanics built a pretty good php script IMHO. If you really do
> want to vote many times try going at it from another IP. Look at the total
> votes. Prior to my voting it was 73 after I voted five times (to check if
> you were correct) it said 74. I then wnodered thruogh my cookie file
> wondering if that was their stop gap. Nope, not there. So it must be an IP
> gate. You must have been voting at the same time someone else was. 

	Not the mechanism nor the php.  If you are using Netscape ( Linux
or Windoze), the poll has 8 entries & * checkboxes.  If you notice the top
entry of the _poll_ is 'Scaled Pixmaps/Titlebars' while the top entry for
the _results_ is 'Shaped Titlebars!'.  If you pick the top selection box,
hit the vote button, your vote goes to the top _results_ which is as I
said above, 'Shaped Titlebars!'.  If you don't see this then you are
either not using Netscpae in one of the stated platforms, or happen to be
the lucky one not in the backlash of the sun's solar flares. :)  And yes I
know it's set on the IP; I have 5 of which I have tried twice, with
different IPs. :\

	If others don't see this, then it's weird, but it doesn't mean
it's not happening and that the poll is indeed not working for me (at

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