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Frank Ronny Larsen (
Mon, 29 May 2000 07:39:48 +0200

> I was wondering, "Where would one look to configure 'key bindings'?"
> I am begining to dislike my mouse very much and find it highly irratating
> that I have to grab my mouse cilck on the background wander through my
> start menu, just so I can open up aterm. I would like to be able to press
> 2 maybe 3 buttons and pop there is the *term of choice. Is there a way and
> where do I look? 

Yes. This is actualy not very difficult.

Assuming you're using one of the later releases of Afterstep (not 1.0) 
take a look in your ~/GNUstep/Library/Afterstep/feels/ directory. Here 
you can add your own "feel" by creating a feel.KFeel or whatever you want 
to call it.

If the directory is empty, copy one of the default feels (ie. 
feel.DEFAULT) from /usr/local/share/afterstep/feels/ into this directory, 
rename it and edit this file.

There are many examples in the file itself, but following is the line I 
use to start aterm by pressing F5 (end the lines I use to control xmms :)
Key F5          A       N       Exec "plain aterm"  aterm -tr -trsb -tint 
"#ffcc99" -sh 75 -tinttype true -sl 2000 -sb &
Key F8          A       A       Exec "x11amp rev"  exec xmms -r
Key F9          A       A       Exec "x11amp play" exec xmms -p
Key F10         A       A       Exec "x11amp paus" exec xmms -u
Key F11         A       A       Exec "x11amp stop" exec xmms -s
Key F12         A       A       Exec "x11amp fwd"  exec xmms -f

To make your new feel.file show up on the Startmenu->Desktop->feel-menu, 
select Startmenu->Desktop->Update startmenu.

Hope this helps. Trying to help before the mornings first coffeine. :)

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