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David Mihm (
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 15:01:28 -0500 (CDT)

On 20 Jun 2000, Christof wrote:

> David Mihm <> writes:
> > On 20 Jun 2000, Christof wrote:
> > 
> > > Do anyone know how to set my own icons to Netscape? I do the appropiate
> > > entries in my database file but it doesnt work. Netscape when iconofied
> > > has its own, ugly icons. Can i solve it somehow?
> > 
> > You nee to put:
> > 
> > Style   "Netscape"      Icon gnome-globe.png
> > 
> > into the ~/G/L/A/database file
> > [ or /usr/ (local/) share/afterstep/database ] and then restart AfterStep
> > [ by selecting menu->Quit->Restart this session ].
> I know AfterStep rather good :) I can do almost all, except few things..
> This database file works with aterm, xterm, but not with emacs,
> netscape. But when i invoke emacs by: emacs - name emacs or any other
> name which i have in database then it works. But it doesnt work with
> programs which are changing its name like netscape. Where is the
> mistake?
> AfterStep version 1.7.146
> RedHat 6.1

	Using AfterStep 1.8.x would be a GoodThing, but this behavior is
not indicitive of something broken in the 1.7.x version you have; meaning,
it should work (but I can't say positively, that was a devel version).
The only other guesses I could make is that you could be using an image
format not supported in your version of AS (beit xpm, png or jpg).
Otherwise, the image might not be in the path AS looks for them, or even
be wrong permissions.  The PixmapPath is in your base.xxbpp file.

	To verify that the WM_NAME is indeed 'Netscape' use xprop or the
Ident AfterStep Module (in menu->Modules->Ident) or my neat 'Window
Properties' menu entry (menu->Windows->Window Properties) on the Netscape

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