aterm transparency problem
Wed, 31 May 2000 12:14:00 -0500

>I've noticed that the transparency on the scrollbar doesn't ever update
>seems to keep the stray pixels behind it when aterm first starts up
>(characters from terminal windows, etc.)
>Known problem?

Yes it is.
It's been fixed in CVS repository, althou a strip of random colors
is still apearing - dunno why yet, but I'll track it down.

I shell be making a release some time soon, but if you want  -
go grab it from anonymous CVS. Instructions are at the bottom
of the aterm page on

Also if you happen to be running latest AfterStep CVS snapshot
you'll be able to use MyStyles for aterm colors and background :)
(just a little teaser :)

>aterm 0.3.6 here.

>Randall Hopper


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