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charlie schmidt (
Wed, 7 Jun 2000 15:17:36 -0400 (EDT)

Well, after realizing that Slackware 7.0 ships with 
AfterStep version 1.0, I was quite curious what the
other mainstream (and less mainstream) Linux distributions
ship with.  Here are the "results"

Distribution			Version
------------			-------
Slackware 7.0                   AfterStep 1.0
Debian "unstable"               Afterstep 1.6.10
Debian "stable"                 AfterStep
Suse 6.4                        AfterStep 1.0
Redhat 6.2                      AfterStep 1.8.0 (nonstandard rpm)
Mandrake 7.1                    AfterStep 1.8.1 (perhaps nonstandard rpm)
LinuxPPC-2000                   AfterStep 1.7.142
CorelLinux 1.0                  none
Stampede Linux "unstable"       AfterStep 1.8.0
Stampede Linux "stable"         AfterStep 1.6.0
Yellow Dog Linux 1.2            AfterStep 1.8.0
Caldera                         none
Turbo Linux Workstation 4.0     AfterStep 1.0 (nonstandard)

As one might gather from these results, Slackware, Suse, and Debian
are the most mainstream of the distributions not shipping with
a stable version, and are, so to speak, most at fault.  Especially
Debian, with its so called up to date package system.

I, therefore, would like to know what the developers and DrStepper
think of this.

If any of you use a BSD varient, please find out what version 
(if any) they ship with, it would be much appreciated.

On the question of "standard" vs "non standard" rpms, this deals
primiarly with the fact that RedHat has a history
of.. screwing with the package.  Most recently are the numerous
problems concerning 'rpm --upgrade's and themes in 1.8.0.  However,
there is not a whole lot to be done about this, as, unlike 
Debian, RedHat wants all of its packages to be "standard" to
itself.  O well, at least they try.

I feel it is important that we attempt to get distributions
to ship with the most recent stable, as many simple Linux
users do not want to download extra updates to packages, and
would just as soon use the most recent version of 
Enlightenment that comes with their distribution.

Thoughts, anyone?

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