aspostit install errors

Oliver L. Plaine Jr. (
Tue, 04 Jul 2000 17:00:10 -0500

   Tue, 4 Jul 2000  15:15:04

Hello, .... I am attempting to figure out what is going wrong with my

from a /home directory appletech]$ tar -xvf ./"aspostit-1_3_tar(1).gz"

And it untarred thus.....

asposti   (etc...etc  looks ok)

I tried to run it with the script:

[olly@localhost appletech]$ aspostit-1.3/install.script,,,,,,(<<tried
to run
script .......ollynote)
 aspostit-1.3/install.script: ./configure: No such file or
directory make: *** No targets.  Stop.<<<<<<<<<<script didn't work)
You must have root password to install AfterStepApps on systemwide
(press start to continue)
actualPassword: <<<<<<<<<<<( I put it in even though the error above
made me
know it wouldn't work)
 make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.
make: *** No rule to make target `'.  Stop.

You can now use AfterStepApps !<<<<<<( ha! a blatant

so...I tried to install it manually:

[olly@localhost appletech]$ aspostit-1.3/configure,(<<<<<<<<<<tried to
 creating cache ./config.cache
checking for gcc... gcc
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (gcc  ) is a cross-compiler...
no...<<<is that

and it went on for several lines all seems ok till it got to:

checking for dnet_ntoa in -ldnet... no
checking for dnet_ntoa in -ldnet_stub... no    <<<<<don't know what
this is?

several more ok then:

checking for machine/soundcard.h... no
checking for linux/soundcard.h... yes
checking for linux/radio.h... no

then ended with:

creating Makefile
creating config.h
AfterStep applet aspostit-1.3 is now hopefully configured, just run : 
make ; make install
I tried the make:

[olly@localhost appletech]$ make ; make install
make: *** No rule to make target `list.o', needed by `aspostit'.
make: *** No rule to make target `list.o', needed by `aspostit'.

So for the time being I appear to be stopped.....??
I need a rule but don't know where?
This is my first time to try to do a tar install,...although I once
did a
flawless RPM 8-).

can anyone see what I am doing wrong?
Thank you
Olly P

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