Afterstep Issues?

Jim Turner (
5 Jul 00 21:27:05 PDT

Greetings and thanks so much for a really great window manager!  
I've been using 1.6.10 for quite some time and just upgraded to 
1.8.  I had numerous issues, but resolved almost all via 
manpages, FAQ, trial&error, etc., but I still have a few very 
minor ones which proplex me.

1)	Drag & Drop on Wharf:  This used to work for me a long 
time ago, but I cant get it to work now  I would like to be 
able to drag an html file from KFM v. 1.85's "Autostart" file 
manager app to Netscape Wharf button and fire off Netscape (OR) 
click the Netscape Wharf button & fire off NS wo/ a file.  The 
latter works fine, but d&d is ignored.  Here's my Wharf setup:

*Wharf Netscape DropExec "" /opt/netscape/netscape %s &
*Wharf Netscape Exec "" /opt/netscape/netscape &

2)	"MenuMiniPixmaps": Setting this to 1 gives me icons in 
my "start" menu, but NOT my "WindowList" menu.  Setting it to 
0 reverses this!  Is it possible to have mini-pixmaps in both 

3)	Pager:  Docs say clicking an app's mini-window in the 
pager with button 2 (if in same page) gives corresponding window 
the focus.  For me it just moves the window down south and east 
until the NW corner is under the mouse-cursor and does not focus.
I am using "ClickToFocus".

4)	When WinList starts up, it no longer "knows" what 
windows are running until you hover the mouse over it.  I also 
have been unable to get "hide" to work.  Is this supposed to 
work similar to M$-Windows' winlist?  My desktop has multiple 
pages and bumping the mouse against the bottom of the screen 
moves the viewport down (as I want).

5)	What's the easiest way and best order to start 
"animate", "wharf", "winlist", "xearth", and an xterm and 
cause the xterm to come up and start out with the keyboard 
focus without having to click it?  (I'm using click2focus).

6)	Is there a way to set/change the icon pixmaps associated 
with start menu items which have submenus?  I tried using 
"0_nop" and this sets the pixmap for the menubar of the submenu, 
but NOT for the menuitem which brings up this submenu.

Thanks in advance to anyone who could/would share some insite 
on any of these issues.

Jim Turner

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