Re: Afterstep Issues?

Albert Dorofeev (
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 14:39:43 +0200

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 09:27:05PM -0700, Jim Turner wrote:

> 1)	Drag & Drop on Wharf:  This used to work for me a long 
> time ago, but I cant get it to work now  I would like to be 
> able to drag an html file from KFM v. 1.85's "Autostart" file 
> manager app to Netscape Wharf button and fire off Netscape (OR) 
> click the Netscape Wharf button & fire off NS wo/ a file.  The 
> latter works fine, but d&d is ignored.  Here's my Wharf setup:
> *Wharf Netscape DropExec "" /opt/netscape/netscape %s &
> *Wharf Netscape Exec "" /opt/netscape/netscape &

I think you need the drag and drop library from Offix.
Now, if you have that installed the drag and drop operations
from applications that use the same library will work.
However, I have no idea what drag and drop library KFM
uses. Is it the OffiX library?

> 4)	When WinList starts up, it no longer "knows" what 
> windows are running until you hover the mouse over it.  I also 
> have been unable to get "hide" to work.  Is this supposed to 
> work similar to M$-Windows' winlist?  My desktop has multiple 
> pages and bumping the mouse against the bottom of the screen 
> moves the viewport down (as I want).

The hiding is not the same as the one you see in Win or
with the GNOME panel. Here the "hidden" WinList is the one
without any items in it (an empty one). You set the parameters
to tell WinList what to do when it becomes empty so it can
disappear from the screen or stay.

> 5)	What's the easiest way and best order to start 
> "animate", "wharf", "winlist", "xearth", and an xterm and 
> cause the xterm to come up and start out with the keyboard 
> focus without having to click it?  (I'm using click2focus).

No idea, really. I would think that if you start the xterm
last it will get the focus but I may be wrong. Use the
lines like "Wait    "I"     Pager" in autoexec to make sure the
applications start in the order you want.

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