wharf before/after bitmaps...

Frank Ronny Larsen (gobo@gimle.nu)
Sun, 09 Jul 2000 14:37:15 +0200

Hello all.

I was just sitting here trying to design a "theme" for my desktop, when I 
realized that there was one feature I'd really like in Wharf, but that I 
can't see to find there.

Currently when you click on wharf and open a folder, the icon you click 
moves 1 pixel down and right. And then it comes back again with the open 
folder besides/below it. What I would like was for there to be different 
bitmaps for when the folder is open and when the folder is closed. Is 
there any way of doing this?

A transitionary bitmap inbetween the two could also be nice to create a 
sort of 2 frame animation when you click the icon.

I see this as a feature mostly for opening folders, but I guess somebody 
could find it useful for other things as well.

Frank Ronny Larsen
Tromsų, Norway

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