Re: wharf before/after bitmaps...
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:23:40 -0500

>Hello all.

>I was just sitting here trying to design a "theme" for my desktop, when I
>realized that there was one feature I'd really like in Wharf, but that I
>can't see to find there.

>Currently when you click on wharf and open a folder, the icon you click
>moves 1 pixel down and right. And then it comes back again with the open
>folder besides/below it. What I would like was for there to be different
>bitmaps for when the folder is open and when the folder is closed. Is
>there any way of doing this?

Not at the moment.

>A transitionary bitmap inbetween the two could also be nice to create a
>sort of 2 frame animation when you click the icon.

>I see this as a feature mostly for opening folders, but I guess somebody
>could find it useful for other things as well.

WEll it sounds like an interesting feature, but since there is only
me and owsla who write code, and we are quite occupied with ASCP and
overhauling AS core  - somebody else will have to stand up and implement
this :)

Thanks for your interest anyways.

>Frank Ronny Larsen
>Tromsų, Norway


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