More 1.8.3 Issues

Jim Turner (
10 Jul 00 17:49:23 PDT

I have now installed AS v. 1.8.0 & the 3 patches (1.8.3).  Have issues:

  1)	Giving a window a vertical title (I chose "WinList" -- what I 
	wanted to do is make WinList where I can click something, in this 
	case, the titlebar, to make it "shade" - draw up to a tiny square 
	in the corner of the screen), it "walks a few pixels leftward 
	each time you click the pager to change desks. (I have AS set up 
	to allow different looks & feels.  Regardless of whether this 
	is a bug or not, I could use a better way to do this if there 
	is one.

  2) "MenuMiniPixmaps": Setting this to 1 gives me icons in 
  my "start" menu, but NOT my "WindowList" menu. Setting it to 
  0 reverses this! Is it possible to have mini-pixmaps in both 

  3) Pager: Docs say clicking an app's mini-window in the 
  pager with button 2 (if in same page) gives corresponding window 
  the focus. For me it just moves the window down south and east 
  until the NW corner is under the mouse-cursor and does not focus.
  I am using "ClickToFocus".

  4) When WinList starts up, it no longer "knows" what 
  windows are running until you hover the mouse over it (It starts up 
  in "hide" mode.

Otherwise, AS is #1, I love it!  Thanks so much for a great tool!

Jim Turner

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