Re: More 1.8.3 Issues
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 09:01:00 -0500

>I have now installed AS v. 1.8.0 & the 3 patches (1.8.3).  Have issues:
>  1)     Giving a window a vertical title (I chose "WinList" -- what I
>    wanted to do is make WinList where I can click something, in this
>    case, the titlebar, to make it "shade" - draw up to a tiny square
>    in the corner of the screen), it "walks a few pixels leftward
>    each time you click the pager to change desks. (I have AS set up
>    to allow different looks & feels.  Regardless of whether this
>    is a bug or not, I could use a better way to do this if there
>    is one.

That happen becous you have different looks and feels. Evidently titlebar
size is different in different looks, which is causing window moving.
This indeed is a bug, as per all the standards window should not move in
this case. The problem was that AfterStep's handling of geometry and
was messed up to extreme, and that was one of the primary reasons why
decision was made to rewrite AfterStep core, and that was done in
development branch 1.9.*. Unfortunately it is not possible to backport all
changes into 1.8 since changes are fairily huge. So for now you'll have
to live with it, or you can try devel AS.

>  2) "MenuMiniPixmaps": Setting this to 1 gives me icons in
>  my "start" menu, but NOT my "WindowList" menu. Setting it to
>  0 reverses this! Is it possible to have mini-pixmaps in both
>  menus?

I'll look into it, sounds like something that can be fixed.

>  3) Pager: Docs say clicking an app's mini-window in the
>  pager with button 2 (if in same page) gives corresponding window
>  the focus. For me it just moves the window down south and east
>  until the NW corner is under the mouse-cursor and does not focus.
>  I am using "ClickToFocus".

What docs say this ? Button 2 click in Pager is supposed to move
viewport into arbitrary position. I'm not aware of any way to focus window
via Pager, althou it is one of the features planned for future.

>  4) When WinList starts up, it no longer "knows" what
>  windows are running until you hover the mouse over it (It starts up
>  in "hide" mode.

WinList is kinda messy thing as well, I don't want to touch it in
"stable" AfterStep, since every fix you put in seems to break something
else. You can either disable hidden geometry completely, or start
WinList as the very first module. Again WinList rewrite is something
planned for next release, there even were some volunteers to do that,
althou I have not heard from them for a while.

>Otherwise, AS is #1, I love it!  Thanks so much for a great tool!
Thanks for using it :)

>Jim Turner


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