Re: Warping, window focus

Daniel Rigos (
Mon, 3 Jul 2000 18:50:35 +1000 (EST)

I don't know about the warping bit, but here is how you can make the frame
of a window move when you right click or come to top if you left click
without dragging.

open up your feel file and do the following:

in the function area add something like this-
Function "Frame-Buttons"
        Resize          "Motion"
        RaiseLower      "Click"
        Iconify         "DoubleClick" 0 1

this means that it'll resize if you click and drag, and Raise/Lower if you
click, and also iconify if you double click

After this go down to the place where you assign functions/buttons to the

Add this to assign it to mouse 1, you could also do 2 or 3 as well
Mouse 1         FS      A       Function "Frame-Buttons"

all this does is when mouse1 is pressed on the frame or bottom bar with
any modifier key it calls the function Frame-Buttons which we just

Mouse 3 should also be set to move like this:
Mouse 3         FS      A       Move

This should do it (hopefully)

Hope all this helps, post another message if it doesn't make any sense,
Daniel Rigos

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