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>Now, of course, I'm trying to customize it. And I'm starting with the
>wharf. So far, I've managed to remove a button from the wharf, but my
>profound ignorance is hampering more interesting exercises.

owsla: hurry up on ascp *grin*

>*Wharf afterstepdoc AfterStep3.xpm Exec "-" afterstepdoc &

 *Wharf appname pixmap afterstepcommand class appcommand &

the appname just seperates it from other apps in your Wharf
the pixmap is used if its a Exec call or similar, and tells
Wharf what image to put there
the afterstepcommands are listed in the afterstep manual
page, but briefly Exec will run a system call of sorts
and Swallow will put the application (given by the class)
in the Wharf itself

as i understand it, at least

>What do the various parts of this line do?
>Is _afterstep_ the name of the file or the word that appears in the
>balloon or something else?
>What is _AfterStep3_ and what does the suffix .xpm mean?
>Exec? I assume this is executing something. But what?
>No idea about the "-" or the final afterstep.
>I assume & is a line ender.
>Now, when I press the actual button on the wharf, netscape is called and
>opens the afterstep document. What is it in the wharf line that calls
>Well, now you see how clueless I am. 
>I'll appreciate any suggestions.
>Thanks for your time.
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