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Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:25:37 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Patrick Brewer wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who answered my previous questions, I managed to get AS
> running.
> Now, of course, I'm trying to customize it. And I'm starting with the
> wharf. So far, I've managed to remove a button from the wharf, but my
> profound ignorance is hampering more interesting exercises.
> Here are some of my fundamental questions.
> The top button on my wharf is the one with the AS logo. The corresponding
> line in the wharf file is
> *Wharf afterstepdoc AfterStep3.xpm Exec "-" afterstepdoc &
> What do the various parts of this line do?
> Is _afterstep_ the name of the file or the word that appears in the
> balloon or something else?
> What is _AfterStep3_ and what does the suffix .xpm mean?
> Exec? I assume this is executing something. But what?
> No idea about the "-" or the final afterstep.
> I assume & is a line ender.
> Now, when I press the actual button on the wharf, netscape is called and
> opens the afterstep document. What is it in the wharf line that calls
> Netscape?
> Well, now you see how clueless I am. 
> I'll appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks for your time.

There is nothing in "that" line that calls netscape. It actually calls the
script "afterstepdoc" which first trys to run netscape then if unavailible
runs lynx. Next to answer you original questions.

*Wharf afterstepdoc AfterStep3.xpm Exec "-" afterstepdoc &
           |             |           |             |
      the name in        |           |             |
      the balloon        |           |             |
      when you point     |           |             |
      at the wharf       |           |             |
      button.            |           |             |
                    The picture      |             |
                    displayed in     |             |
                    the button       |             |
                                Tells AS to        |
                                execute the        |
                                following          |
                                command            |
                                              The command
                                              to execute

Now as for the "&". That backgrounds the process. Or does not instigate
terminal output. As for the "-". I think someone else will have to answer
this one. I believe it spits output to standard I/O but thats a guess. 

Some notes on style. I know you are new and NO question is a dumb
question. Try to explain things instead of top/bottum, red/green,
left/right. In terms of what they do. Since, as you will soon find out,
afterstep is very custumizable not all of us have a vertical wharf or a
horizantal pager or any of the other defaults that come with the AS
package. I want you to remeber AS is fun. Play with it. Poke it. Prod it. 

Oh but don't play fetch w/ it. It only knows how to throw the stick. :)

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