Re: One patch coming up
Mon, 3 Jul 2000 14:02:11 -0500

>I just posted this to the list so that no one would make
>another patch to do the same thing. I should also point out that this
>will NOT help someone compile Afterstep on a Solaris machine. It will only
>make it so that who ever runs make deps to produce the .depend files makes
>them without backslashes in the dependency lines, which for some strange
>reason some (bugy?) Solaris versions of make require.
>This patch changes the autoconf/ and
>autoconf/, as these were the lowest make files that
>I have access to.  All I did is remove the backslashes and replaced the
>echo commands with echo -n.

Altou I had to opt for slightly more complicated fix, as I would hate to
all the dependancies on the single line. But you gave me an idea anyway.

patch 1.8.2 is on fao and it includes the fix. Please try and let me know
if it does not work.



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