Pager Question

Jim Turner (
27 Jul 00 14:35:34 PDT

Sorry for taking so long to get back on this:

> >  3) Pager: Docs say clicking an app's mini-window in the
> >  pager with button 2 (if in same page) gives corresponding window
> >  the focus. For me it just moves the window down south and east
> >  until the NW corner is under the mouse-cursor and does not focus.
> >  I am using "ClickToFocus".
> What docs say this ? Button 2 click in Pager is supposed to move
> viewport into arbitrary position. 


It would seem much more useful to be able to click on a specific 
window within the pager and jump to that view and give that window 
the focus.

> I'm not aware of any way to focus window
> via Pager, althou it is one of the features planned for future.

	This documentation is under "Pager.html".  I am quoting it 


You can direct the keyboard focus to any window on the current desktop by
clicking with button 2 on its image in
the pager. The window does not need to be visible, but it does need to be on
the current page. "



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