Re: Pager Question
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 09:20:33 -0500

>It would seem much more useful to be able to click on a specific
>window within the pager and jump to that view and give that window
>the focus.

well I'd agree with that, that is why it is a planned feature. :)
It will be some time before it gets implemented thou since currently
I'm the only one who works on main AfterStep itself (owsla works on ASCP),
and there are higher priority tasks on hands.

>> I'm not aware of any way to focus window
>> via Pager, althou it is one of the features planned for future.

>    This documentation is under "Pager.html".  I am quoting it

>You can direct the keyboard focus to any window on the current desktop by
>clicking with button 2 on its image in
>the pager. The window does not need to be visible, but it does need to be
>the current page. "

well, documentation is wrong :)


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